*~ Best of 2013 ~*

To start of the new year, Hair of the Dog Blog‘s theme for the first week of January was ‘Best of 2013′. New Year’s is the perfect time for reflection on what you’ve done in the past year. Narrowing my choices down to just two was really difficult, but here they are!

The photo that came to my mind first was this one of my girl Corra. I love her expression, the geometric shapes on the ground, and my memory of just how difficult it was to get her to look up at me while it was raining.

My husband chose this photo of Loki in his mustard scarf as his favorite of the year.

I decided to round it out with a total of a top ten for 2013 – it took me a ridiculous amount of time to narrow it down to my top 30, never mind top ten! In no particular order …









Here’s hoping to a happy 2014 with lots of new faces! You can see the top ten in the Hair of the Dog Blog Best of 2013 post! Next up – ‘Indoor’ (last one to catch up with!)