*~ Bokeh ~*

Last week, the week of September the 2nd, the Hair of the Dog Blog‘s pet photography challenge was ‘Bokeh’. Now, I have no idea what the proper pronunciation is – I have heard it every which way … I personally say ‘Bo-ka’, but I am sure there are many people who would say I am wrong! ‘Bokeh’ refers to the aesthetically pleasing out of focus areas in a photo. I think most people think of the lovely spots of light that are rendered in the background, but these are not necessary. Here are some creamy bokeh pictures I selected for this past week’s challenge!





And who doesn’t love some bokehlicious Christmas twinkly lights?!



Make sure you check out the Hair of the Dog Blog’s Bokeh post to see the top ten picks! They are all so stunning! Next Monday I will be posting this week’s challenge: Environmental Portraits.