*~ Corra ~*

Corra is a dream come true for me. We purchased her from a breeder I have been following for years in October ’11 when she was just a wee babe at 8 weeks of age. She’s a Cardigan Welsh Corgi, probably my favorite breed of dog. After having Corra for over a year now, I can’t imagine life without a Cardi at my feet or running amok in the house. To sum her up in a few words: playful, clown, kisses, land shark, and snuggly. She has changed my life, for the better! I doubt I’d ever have started Brave Black Dog without her, so I am forever in her debt. I pay her in meaty bones and tummy scritches as a start at least.

Corra has this infectious zest for life that you can’t help but smile when you see her being her zany self. If she were the namesake for this business, we’d be Zesty Dog Photography … sounds tasty. After adopting our older dog Loki and finding that he was not going to be happy doing training classes with me, we decided it was time for a second dog to join our family. Corra and I have been through a couple of classes already and will be starting another within the next month. I am hoping to do Rally-O, Agility, and some herding with her. She has the drive and energy to take all that on and then some!

She considers Loki her bestest friend in the whole world, which I don’t think he is in complete agreement with just yet! Don’t get me wrong, they get along and Corra really brings the silly side of our Loki out for a change. It’s just that Corra can be a bit much in large doses, especially when she thinks you are the best thing ever <3 She’s our daily dose of laughter though, and I can’t imagine our lives now without her!