*~ Fenway + Jack ~*

Last Saturday I had the opportunity to have a quick shoot with Jack and his best buddy Fenway over in North Reading, MA at the Ipswich River Park. It is a wonderful park and the grandkids that Jack an his wife Kathy were watching had an awesome time climbing all over the playground equipment while I stole away their Grampa and Fenway. Fenway is an adorable Lhaso Apso with a muppet hairdo. Just check out that face :3

You can tell just how much Fenway adores Jack – he did not want to be more than a few feet away from him at any given time!


He warmed up to me though after some yummy beef treats <3 (Who can blame him!?) Jack+Fenway-31

Jack informed me that Fenway is very proud of his tail. If I had that tail, I would be too!




Jack even managed to get his little lap dog to romp around in the fast fading sunlight. Look at that happy face!




Thank you Jack and Fenway for a great afternoon at the park! You two are clearly meant for each other <3 Jack+Fenway-58


And not to be forgotten – the adorable 11 week old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy Rudy also came along on our little park shoot. He was so cute, I wanted to stick him in my camera bag and take him home with me!



If you would like to go on a shoot with me – please contact me and we’ll set something up!