*~ Holiday ~*

Well, the Holidays have come and gone, but looking through these shots I took for the Hair of the Dog Blog challenge ‘Holiday’ back in early December, I got a couple of the warm fuzzies again :3 I love natural light and natural surroundings – so I wanted to do a Holiday shoot that had those elements. My solution? Steal ornaments off of our Christmas tree and find a small little fir tree out in the woods to decorate. So ‘small’ becomes surprisingly difficult to find – but I did my best! We ended up doing two shoots, since for the first one, it started snowing and there was a really strong wind that kept blowing the ornaments off the tree. The second shoot I didn’t have a whole lot of daylight left so it had to be quick! I still think they came out as I had hoped, I hope you like them too!







How cute are they in their scarves!? If you are still craving some of that past Holiday magic – check out the Hair of the Dog Blog Holiday post to see the top ten! Next stop on my catch-up train is ‘Relax’.