*~ Loki ~*

Oh my Loki, he is the namesake for Brave Black Dog Photography.

Loki was picked up as a stray in San Juan, Puerto Rico in a grocery store parking lot with his companion Paco. He was flown to the Worcester Animal Rescue League in New England, after having been fostered. Our best guess is that he is a border collie x spaniel mix, but all we know for sure is that he’s all kinds of mutted up! My husband and I fell in love with him the first time we met him at WARL, but we were worried he wasn’t the dog for us as he’d just been neutered and was very shut down. We took him into a quiet room to get to know him better, and he immediately fell asleep on my leg as it was probably the first moment of peace he’d had since he’d started his voyage to the US. I so wanted to take him right then and there, and so did my husband, however we wanted to be sure, so we promised him we’d be back the next day the shelter was open, hoping that no one else would adopt him in the meantime! Leaving him in that kennel was one of the hardest things ever, he was shaking and he looked so tiny and vulnerable. I cried half the way home. We arrived as early as we could when WARL opened a couple of days later and he was so much more lively! We adopted him after a walk together outside. In the meantime, 3 other hopeful families had come in looking for him!

His early life did not leave him unscathed, he has a slew of behavioral problems – the most challenging of which is his fearful and reactive behavior towards strange people and dogs. We are working on his issues, but he is a work in progress! This is where I came up with the name Brave Black Dog – Loki has to be so brave on a daily basis, just trying to make sense of a world that is very scary for him. With the addition of our second dog Corra, he has really started to come out of his shell. She is the anti-thesis of our Loki!