*~ Urban ~*

This past week’s challenge put on by Hair of the Dog Blog was Urban. This was a divergence from what I normally shoot – mostly in natural settings, lots of greenery and open skies. I have always loved urban shoots, the rigid lines, the grittiness, and the vivid colors you don’t see as often in the natural world. I am just a country girl at heart though, and I like to avoid the city for the most part! However, I am a huge fan of some very well known pet photographers who do a lot of shoots with graffiti as a back drop and they are gorgeous! So, being the clueless nerd that I am, I googled to find where a good spot would be to get some graffiti shots, and it paid off! Here are the results from my graffiti/urban shoot with Loki and Corra.






And this is from my archives – Corra in Jamaica Plain, MA as a 4 month old puppy. Her ears were even more ridiculous back then!

Please check out the top picks over in the Urban Hair of the Dog Blog post. And stay tuned – next week’s theme is ‘Summer’ and with this heat wave, it sure feels like it!